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Prepare for a belta of a pub crawl in Newcastle

If you’re looking for a party, you’ve come to the right place. At Geordie Crawl we want you to come and spend a night with us in Newcastle. We’ll show you the best pubs, bars and clubs to hit and get you some top deals on drinks you won’t get anywhere else.

Geordies love a good time. Newcastle’s a party town. So let us show you round and we guarantee you’ll have the best night out in Newcastle there is.

Stag parties, hen dos or you and your friends are all welcome at Geordie Crawl. You don’t need an excuse for a party here in Newcastle.

Fancy dress is allowed too as long as you keep things respectable! Remember the no coat rule though*

To join Geordie Crawl or to find out more about our bar crawl games, call 0191 659 4239 or click here to email

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September 2016

What’s your cocktail name?

By |September 13th, 2016|Categories: Cocktails|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

There are literally hundreds of different cocktail names out there, only a cocktail waiter can be expected to know them all. Well, wouldn’t it be fun to stump even him. We’ve created our very own Cocktail Name Generator so the next time you’re at the bar you can ask for something totally unique.

Here’s how it works: from the list below you match up the 1st letter of your 1st and last name, so for example if your name is Chris Smith, you match up the letter ‘C’ from the 1st list and the letter ‘S’ from the 2nd list. This gives you your cocktail name. So Chris Smith’s cocktail name is Flaming Asbo. Pretty cool, hey? I dare you to ask for one of them next time you’re out.

If you’re lucky enough to have a middle name we have a special treat coming soon, keep your eyes peeled.

Have fun…

cocktail name generator

You’re more than welcome to use our Cocktail Name Generator on your website, but please do us the courtesy of including an attribution link to credit us as the original creator. Thanks.

The good, the bad and the ugly of cocktails

By |September 13th, 2016|Categories: Cocktails|Tags: , , , |

We all love a cocktail. On a night out, when you’€™re down the toon with a bunch of friends sometimes only a sugary, colourful, slightly more expensive drink will do. There are classic cocktails, bright green cocktails and cocktails you’ve made with whatever you’€™ve had left in the drinks cabinet.

Sometimes they’€™re good. Sometimes they’re bad. Sometimes they’€™re downright ugly. Here’s our take: (more…)

August 2016

Newcastle is the No.1 Hen Party Destination in the World

By |August 23rd, 2016|Categories: Hen Party|Tags: , , , , , , , |

A night out in Newcastle is never complete without bumping into a hen night- or ten.

With ‘€˜L’€™ plates, mini veils and ‘MAID OF HONOR’€™ sashes draped across them like armour, the hens come out in full force to a city renowned for its popularity amongst the brides to be.

Mention Newcastle to anyone who has been and you’ll hear of a good night out. But talk to a newly wed who had her hen party in Newcastle and you’€™ll hear about the greatest hen night to have ever had. Hen parties love The Toon, and the toon loves them.

What makes Newcastle such a famous hen party destination? It has everything a brood of hens could want. For a city that may not compete in size it can definitely win in variety of entertainment. A hen night could easily become a hen weekend with what Newcastle has to offer.

For every different kind of hen there has to be a different kind of hen party. For the foodie hens, the boozy hens, the outdoorsy hens and the dancing hens. With Newcastle becoming a staple for a last night of freedom the activities you can do are becoming more and more unique and crazier by the minute.

The traditional hen night would be a good old fashioned night on the town, or toon if we’€™re doing it properly. Newcastle boasts a serious amount of bars and clubs for hens to drink and dance in. With the Diamond Strip being right around the corner from the train station there’s no excuse for not getting stuck in straight away. With themed clubs you can have an Abba fuelled night in Flares one minute and a secret Cancun disco at Madame Koo’€™s the next. There’€™s even a chance of boozing while cruising on a boat, sailing under the Millenium Bridge. (Not the Tuxedo Princess, We don’€™t talk about that in The Toon anymore)

For hens that like a little taste in culture, Newcastle can easily aid a journey of discovery through its limitless amount of evening classes, perfect for groups of hens. From cocktail classes, belly dancing, burlesque, art classes, body painting, sports, food, wine tasting and many more. For a chance of stepping out your comfort zone with close friends and gain a little of something new, Newcastle is the city to do it in.

The more energetic and outdoor brides can enjoy Newcastle’€™s closeness to the countryside. Unlike some other cities, in a matter of minutes you can be in the middle of a field racing a 4×4 through muddy tracks or being thrown downhill in a zorbing ball. Without even leaving the county you can be plunging an arrow through a target and drinking cocktails only half an hour later. Bar crawls and biking, what more could you want?

Newcastle is a city of history, culture and hen nights. For that last night as a single-ish women, a night in Newcastle will be a memorable one.

For more information and to book your Hen Party contact hello@geordiecrawl.com

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