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Prepare for a belta of a pub crawl in Newcastle

If you’re looking for a party, you’ve come to the right place. At Geordie Crawl we want you to come and spend a night with us in Newcastle. We’ll show you the best pubs, bars and clubs to hit and get you some top deals on drinks you won’t get anywhere else.

Geordies love a good time. Newcastle’s a party town. So let us show you round and we guarantee you’ll have the best night out in Newcastle there is.

Stag parties, hen dos or you and your friends are all welcome at Geordie Crawl. You don’t need an excuse for a party here in Newcastle.

Fancy dress is allowed too as long as you keep things respectable! Remember the no coat rule though*

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April 2017

How NOT to spend 24 hours in Newcastle

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How NOT to spend 24 hours in Newcastle

Photo courtesy of anax44(CC ShareALike)

So, you’re in Newcastle, and you’ve got 24 hours there to do whatever you want. It’s definitely not a bad place to be, and there’s plenty that you can do. But let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment here and ask: what SHOULDN’T you do in Newcastle if you have 24 hours there?

Don’t “further” the local footy rivalries

Football fans in the Toon will be happy to chat about the beautiful game with just about anybody from Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield or wherever you happen to come from. However, it’s not a good idea to try and express strong opinions on the Newcastle/Sunderland/Middlesbrough rivalries or, worse, try to stir the pot when it comes to local footy bragging rights. The difference in footballing ideologies can be pretty fierce at times, so if you’re coming in from out of town, it isn’t advisable to stick your oar in and try to further the local rivalry! Share your thoughts, yes, but don’t stir the pot.

Become an un-invited guest to a stag or hen party

Newcastle is one of the most popular destinations for stag parties and hen parties, with a fair few being there in some interesting fancy dress costumes, all of which suggests they’re looking to have a great night. And yeah, they’ll be happy to chat and have a laugh with some people who they bump into. However, what they don’t want is for an un-invited stranger to crash the party, hang around too long, interfere in any party games or whatever it may be. It’s one thing to get chatting and share a few laughs; it’s another thing to try and take the attention away from somebody else’s big night.

Try too hard to pick up the lingo

Unless you’re a regular visitor to the Toon town or unless you have several Geordie friends, it’s probably not a good idea to try and spend your time becoming an honorary Geordie from a dialect standpoint. You may pick up the odd word here and there, but try too hard and you’ll probably embarrass yourself, meaning that the Geordies – the REAL Geordies – will look at you like you have three heads, so it’s best to leave it to the locals!

Sleep – and nothing else

If you’re popping into town, then sure, you’ll need to get your head down and have a bit of shut-eye at some point. You may also need a bit of a rest after a particularly eventful night out. However, make sure that you don’t spend too long in bed, because there’s so much to see and do, and so many great people that you could bump into while you’re here. There’s so much that you can do in so little time, so the last thing you want to do is waste those valuable hours and minutes that you have in Newcastle by staying akip. Besides, your bed will be waiting for you at home once you leave; while you’re in Newcastle, make the most of it!

Of course, there’s loads to do in Newcastle, but the main thing is to spend your time in the Toon wisely, and to not cause any unnecessary awkwardness, hence the suggestions of what not to do above. The good news is that there are tons of really cool things that you can do, and don’t forget that you can always pop into Geordie Crawl while you’re here to make sure that a good night here becomes a great one!

If you want to know more about how to have a good time – or what not to do! – in Newcastle, you can check us out at http://geordiecrawl.com/.

10 Things that always happen on a Night Out in Newcastle

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10 Things that always happen on a Night Out in Newcastle

Photo courtesy of orangeaurochs(CC Attribution)

A night out in Newcastle is one of the most appealing night out options in the entire UK. Newcastle has a great reputation when it comes to going out on the lash, letting your hair down and just having a brilliant time, even if you may not remember everything about it the following morning! But what if you’ve never had a night out up here and you’re wondering what to expect? Well, here’s a short list of ten things which always happen on a night out in Newcastle.

You’ll encounter a lot of people

First things first, as you might imagine, don’t expect it to be a quiet night when you hit the town – or Toon – in Newcastle. Due to its popularity, the majority of the places that you’ll end up going to will be packed to the rafters. Therefore, especially if you’re coming up from another city, give yourself a basic plan in advance of where to go and when to try and head back to your home or hotel, because given how many people there are, getting into certain bars may not be easy, and when it comes to getting a cab back, you may be queuing for some time!

Stags and Hens aplenty

Newcastle is one of the real hotspots when it comes to stag parties and hen parties. Hey, perhaps that’s the reason why you’re planning to have a night out in Newcastle yourself! Either way, the chances are pretty high that you’ll bump into a stag or hen crew, and depending on your personality, you may just end up joining in with their party!

You’ll have a smile on your face

It sounds corny, but it’s true, because the local people of Newcastle are so welcoming, warm and friendly. If you get talking to a few of the locals, which by the way is fairly likely, you’ll soon find yourself smiling and laughing as the people of the city allow you to more closely experience Toon life. You may not feel like a local by the end of your first night out in Newcastle, but the residents will greet you as if you were one of our own!

You may not spend as much as you may think

Newcastle’s appeal partly comes from the fact that many of the places are pretty cheap, in terms of both paying on the door and the drinks. There’s a ton of offers to be had, and if you can handle your ale pretty well, then let’s just say that some of the offers may be enticing enough that you’ll feel, erm, merry in no time, and yet by the time you call it a night, you won’t have spent that much at all!

Some interesting sights

We’re not gonna lie: the lads and lasses of Newcastle are not shy, and that includes clothing or lack thereof. It’s an unfair stereotype that some ladies in Newcastle will essentially go out in their underwear, but the dresses are short enough that it’s the closest thing to that. And that’s not to mention the fact that, well, the odd sight of nudity on a night out isn’t exactly a surprise. Don’t be expecting a lot by any means, but don’t be shocked if you do.

Don’t wear a coat

Okay, so if it’s the middle of winter or a Boxing Day bash, then you may feel the need to put a coat on. And don’t get us wrong, yes it is cold. But so few people are going to be wearing coats that you’ll be the anomaly with your coat on. So, it may be best leaving it behind!

You’ll pop into Greggs

It’s an exaggeration to say that you’re bound to go to Greggs, but Newcastle is the hometown of Greggs, and there’s one in every other road, if not more often than that. As you’re cooling down from a night out, the sight of so many Greggs bakeries will likely tempt you into a late-night feast.

Expect to dance – a lot

Newcastle wouldn’t have the strong night out reputation that it has if the people that you see in the bars and clubs weren’t up for a good dance, after all. As with the coat thing, you’ll look out of place if you’re not at least attempting to bust a move. Of course, with some “support” from the locals, you’ll likely be dancing a bit more often than that, and more enthusiastically too!

A fair amount of drinking

There’s certainly nothing wrong with going on a night out and sticking to soft drinks. And this isn’t to suggest that everyone you encounter will have had a few bevies too many. But let’s face it: if you’re heading up to Newcastle for a night out, especially within a group, there’s a good chance that you’re doing so to enjoy the odd drink or two, or more. And with those low-cost offers all over the city, you’ll probably find that you’ve drunk a pretty good amount come the end of the night.

You’ll have an amazing time!

More than anything, though, you’re guaranteed to have a great night. Surrounded by so many warm and funny people who, just like you, simply want to enjoy themselves, and the number of topnotch bars and clubs that you can visit, it’s a night out that you simply have to experience at some point, and take it from us: when you do come, you’re bound to have one hell of a night! Of course, if you drop in at Geordie Crawl along the way, your night out will be even better!

If you want to know more about what it’s like to have a night out in Newcastle, check us out at geordiecrawl.com; we may just see you when you come up to Newcastle yourself one night!

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Bar Crawl Themes

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Bar Crawl Themes

Photo courtesy of vic_burton(CC ShareALike)

So, you’ve decided to take you and your mates on a bar crawl, but you don’t just wanna go on a normal bar crawl. Ah, no, pet; you wanna liven it up a bit! And a proper boss way to make it interesting is to have a special bar crawl theme. If you and the lads dress up proper funny, like, it’ll make it a lot more interesting when yous are going from place to place looking like a right bunch! But what different bar crawl themes could you use? Well, we’ve mentioned a few of them below!

One idea is to have a Zombie bar crawl theme; there’s loadsa scary things yous could put on, or if you wanted to, you could dress up as zombies out of famous films and telly shows. There’s proper loads of props and costumes available, so it won’t be hard to find an idea that tickles your fancy. Plus, if yous are having your bar crawl around Halloween time, you could tie it into a Halloween party, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone, pet! Actually, if yous are zombies, killing might be a part of the bar crawl! (We’re only joking, by the way, so if you go out and proper do someone in with a pitchfork, don’t blame us!).

Or maybe you’re gonna be doing your bar crawl in the summer, so you might wanna tie the theme in with the summertime. There’s a few ways to achieve a summer bar crawl theme: yous might all go for bright colours, short tops and tiny pairs of shorts, or yous might take in a holiday theme and all go out together wearing sombreros or swimming cozzies, so there’s quite a few ideas to consider. Imagine yous are on holiday like, and yous wanna go out however yous are dressed and just hit the town like that and have some fun! We’ll just advise yous that, if yous are keeping your outfits short or if yous are going out in swimming cozzies, try and keep some level of decorum, cause not everybody you encounter might wanna see your arsecheeks hanging out if your cozzy is really proper short like!

Another idea is to take up a Saints and Sinners bar crawl theme, where a couple a yas will go out looking like angels (and I’m sure that some really lovely girls are reading this, in which case we’re sure that yous are angels anyway!) and the rest will go out like proper devils. This can actually be linked to Halloween too, although it can work at pretty much any time of the year. There’s a little bit less creativity with this one since yous will largely look the same, and not everybody may be impressed if they see a bunch of bloody devils running up the streets, but if an interesting night is what you want, having a Saints and Sinners bar crawl theme can do the trick!

One more option is to have a Superheroes bar crawl theme, and that can be a lot of fun, pet! Everybody loves superheroes, and there’s loads of examples to choose from. Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Captain America … the list goes on and on, and there’s ideas for both sexes so that nobody will be left out. If yous all rock the superhero look together, then nobody will look out of place. As long as you don’t mind wearing a mask or a helmet all night, and as long as a couple of yas don’t mind having a tight pair of Y-fronts on over your kecks all night, then this is a proper good look to have. And if yous happen to encounter any trouble during your bar crawl, not only have you got your mates to help you out, but you’ve got bloody Batman and Superman and all his gang to proper sort them out like!

They’re just some of many bar crawl themes to make the night way more interesting. If you really wanna go all the way with the theme, you could incorporate certain bars or drinks or games into the night as you go along, but the good news is that here at Geordie Crawl, we’ll let yous in no matter what yous look like, and we’ll make sure that we’re the best part of your bar crawl. In fact, once yous come here, yous might wanna spend all night here!

If you wanna know more about us and what bar crawl themes would look boss around here pet, visit geordiecrawl.com!

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