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Prepare for a belta of a pub crawl in Newcastle

If you’re looking for a party, you’ve come to the right place. At Geordie Crawl we want you to come and spend a night with us in Newcastle. We’ll show you the best pubs, bars and clubs to hit and get you some top deals on drinks you won’t get anywhere else.

Geordies love a good time. Newcastle’s a party town. So let us show you round and we guarantee you’ll have the best night out in Newcastle there is.

Stag parties, hen dos or you and your friends are all welcome at Geordie Crawl. You don’t need an excuse for a party here in Newcastle.

Fancy dress is allowed too as long as you keep things respectable! Remember the no coat rule though*

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June 2017

Trending Cocktails for Summer 2017

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summer cocktails

Photo courtesy of mac_ivan(CC Attribution)

The summer weather is finally upon us! The temperatures are rising, the shades and sun cream are coming out, and the dresses and shorts are getting – well – shorter. What’s more, you can’t beat having a nice drink in this beautiful summer weather, and a few cocktails can really make for a fun night out in the summer. But what are the trendiest, hottest cocktails around this summer? Let’s check some out!

Let’s begin with the Pornstar Martini, which is proving to be a real treat on a night out. It’s sweet and sour, but it also has that exotic flair to it. Let’s face it, when it comes to a summer drink, you want to imagine yourself sitting on a beach under a palm tree, absorbing the warm European or Caribbean climate with a nice, cool, refreshing cocktail. By that criteria, and many others, the Pornstar Martini does the trick. Plus, there’s a shot of Prosecco on the side too, so that can’t be a bad thing either!

Still, you can’t beat the classics, and Sex On The Beach is still a favourite amongst the crowd here at Geordie Crawl. It looks so nice, and it tastes even more. It’s such a simple blend of vodka, peach schnapps and lemon juice, with a bit of cranberry and orange to top things off. Sure, it’s not a “new” drink, but it’s still really popular, and it’s an ideal summer drink. This drink provides the refreshment equivalent of the expression “sun, sea, sand and sex” in a drink form. If you happen to be drinking this while Sex On The Beach by T-Spoon comes on, even better!

The next one is more about a trend as opposed to one specific drink. Just as healthy foods and healthy diets are becoming more and more prominent in our everyday lives, so too are healthy cocktails, which bring together vegetables and vegetable juices as cocktail ingredients. The idea of a cocktail being a healthy alternative to regular alcoholic drinks sounds like a good idea to us, with one example being the beetroot shrub cocktail launched this year by Funkin’s King. Okay, so your first priority on a night out may be to have a good time no matter what, but if you’re health-conscious, or if you simply want your cocktail to maintain a healthy diet, then these are the way to go!

Let’s finish with a lesser-known cocktail which is gaining popularity, Aquavit. This is a Scandinavian drink which brings a dominant mixture of caraway seeds and dill seeds. Its name descends from Latin, and across the continent, it has already made a big impact, with Norway, Sweden and Denmark adopting it as one of its main national drinks. Now, with Aquavit really making its way into the British market, those who are already familiar with the cocktail are excitedly predicting big things for it, and it’s bound to be one of the key cocktails for us this year too. Why not sample some Aquavit on your summer night out here?

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List of things that could only happen on a Newcastle bar crawl

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only in newcastle

Photo courtesy of mripp(CC Attribution)

When you’re on a night out, one of the ways that you can make things more exciting (as if they weren’t already!) is to go on a bar crawl. Travelling from place to place, going from your typical local boozer to a completely different nightlife experience, all while downing a few pints and having a laugh with your mates – a bar crawl really does add to an already-enjoyable evening out on the town.

Now, imagine the fun you could have on a bar crawl in Newcastle, the nightlife capital of the UK. There’s loads of places to go to and a ton of fun to be had. What’s more, you’ll find that a bar crawl in Newcastle can be, how shall we put it, unique! Indeed, you’ll find that certain things might happen which could only happen on a bar crawl in Newcastle, and we’ve listed a few here.

Let’s start with the places you can go to. Of course, we here at Geordie Crawl will make sure that you have a great night as part of your bar crawl, but there’s a variety of different bar crawl packages and options tailored to your experience. There are places with three bars in one, there are some which mix and match particular nightlife experiences to suit everybody involved, and there’s even some which mix age groups, from student to, well, slightly older! There’s also TV show-themed bar crawls (such as Games Of Thrones) and costume-themed bar crawls which you could only find in Newcastle!

Bear in mind that it won’t just be you and your friends who are on a big night out; you’re bound to bump into plenty of stag do parties, and because it’s Newcastle, there’ll be loads of them. So, if you have planned a costume-themed bar crawl, don’t be too surprised if you end up bumping into a group of people with similar, or even the exact same, costumes on! Also consider that there’s a fair few local celebs in Newcastle, and considering the theme of the evening, there’s an excellent chance you’ll meet some stars from Geordie Shore. This is something that really could only happen on a bar crawl in Newcastle, and those lads and lasses will definitely give you some “tips” on how to have a good time on your bar crawl!

One of the ways you can cool down from pubs and clubs is to have a quick refresher in the form of food and drink. In that respect, there are few places more suitable than Greggs for an evening pasty; however, because Newcastle is the spiritual home of Greggs, you’ll be sampling this fine bakery food product in the very place where it originated. In terms of fitting in with the locals and sampling a true nightlife experience in Newcastle, this is a big thing to do, and as we’ve mentioned, it provides a nice break between the bars when you need a few minutes to remember who you are and where you are.

Finally, there’s the sporting aspect. If you’re familiar with Newcastle, then you’ll be familiar with the big football teams in the North-East, not least Newcastle United. It’s pretty common knowledge that Geordies love their football, so if you happen to have a bar crawl on the evening of a footy match, especially a Newcastle match, then you’ll almost certainly meet some of the fans who have just been to St. James’ Park, and particularly if they end up winning the game, this chance meeting is almost guaranteed to have you singing some of the more famous Newcastle chants. Don’t know the words? You will do after meeting the Newcastle fans! These are just some of the more unique elements of a bar crawl in Newcastle and/or aspects of a bar crawl which are enhanced when spending it in Newcastle.

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A list of things you’ll only know about Newcastle if you live here

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Photo courtesy of summonedbyfells(CC Attribution)

Newcastle is a lively, vibrant city, and many people in the UK flock to it for various reasons, from the nightlife to the football to the culture. It stands to reason, therefore, that as new visitors come to the city, they learn things about Newcastle which they previously did not know. However, there are certain aspects to Newcastle which someone would only know if they actually lived there, and which can’t be captured or aren’t immediately obvious to tourists. Some of these are outlined below.

Firstly, the North-East has something of a reputation for being very cold at times, and particularly for being one of the coldest regions in the country when winter comes. But it isn’t just the weather which provides a strong hint that Christmas is on its way. Fenwicks is one of the more recognisable department stores in the Toon town, and during the festive season, Fenwicks brightens up the intu Eldon Square shopping complex with its Christmas window display. It is the sort of thing which evokes the true spirit of the winter holidays, and it is often unveiled to the locals at the beginning of December. Therefore, the main point is that the majority of Newcastle residents believe that the Christmas season only truly begins once the Fenwicks window display has been made public.

Secondly, every city has its own stereotypes built upon reputations, whether good or bad, based on celebrities or other factors which have cultivated the image of the “typical” person who habitates there. In recent times, because of Newcastle’s superb nightlife, some have wrongly tarred Newcastle residents with the same brush as they do for those who appear on the television show Geordie Shore. The typical, and wrong, stereotype is that most people in that age range who enjoy going out on the town must be like the, erm, characters who appear on that MTV show. However, Newcastle residents know better, realising that those who choose to live a more carefree and somewhat wild lifestyle are not representative of Newcastle people as a whole. The stereotype is still prevalent to some, though, so only by experiencing the city on a daily basis would they realise that Geordie Shore creates an unfair stereotype of the Newcastle faithful.

The next fact is for the slightly older locals in Newcastle, who may remember a striking feature of another shopping centre up north. Well, it was at the into Metro Centre in Gateshead, so it’s just outside Newcastle, but many Newcastle residents will have visited the centre at some point, most likely for this very reason, because the centre once had a roller coaster! How cool is it to cap off a family shopping day by riding a roller coaster on site? Known as the Metroland roller coaster, it was a great addition, something really unique for a retail area, and something which helped to establish the centre as a place that you HAD to visit. Unfortunately, it was removed in 2008 amidst great protests, being replaced by a cinema. However, it has recently been reborn and is now situated in Devon, so those with fond memories of riding the coaster in its old home have the chance to do so again, albeit a little further south!

Finally, everyone knows about the Geordie accent; with the possible exception of Scouse in Liverpool, Geordie is probably the most notable accent in the entire country. As with any accent, Geordie brings with it plenty of slang words. However, unless you’ve lived in Newcastle, you probably don’t realise that there is such a wealth of words, phrases, slang terms and other modifications to everyday talk that Geordie is actually considered something of a different language to English. To those outside the city, Geordie is just another way of saying certain words, but for those who live in the city and have done for years, it’s so easy to become accustomed to Geordie dialect that it almost serves as an alternative to regular English, since there are so many locally-based words and terms. You’ll find out for yourself if you ever come up here and spend more than a few days; by the time you get home, you will have received a real education in not only the Geordie accent, but also the Geordie language too!

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