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Photo courtesy of mripp(CC Attribution)

When you’re on a night out, one of the ways that you can make things more exciting (as if they weren’t already!) is to go on a bar crawl. Travelling from place to place, going from your typical local boozer to a completely different nightlife experience, all while downing a few pints and having a laugh with your mates – a bar crawl really does add to an already-enjoyable evening out on the town.

Now, imagine the fun you could have on a bar crawl in Newcastle, the nightlife capital of the UK. There’s loads of places to go to and a ton of fun to be had. What’s more, you’ll find that a bar crawl in Newcastle can be, how shall we put it, unique! Indeed, you’ll find that certain things might happen which could only happen on a bar crawl in Newcastle, and we’ve listed a few here.

Let’s start with the places you can go to. Of course, we here at Geordie Crawl will make sure that you have a great night as part of your bar crawl, but there’s a variety of different bar crawl packages and options tailored to your experience. There are places with three bars in one, there are some which mix and match particular nightlife experiences to suit everybody involved, and there’s even some which mix age groups, from student to, well, slightly older! There’s also TV show-themed bar crawls (such as Games Of Thrones) and costume-themed bar crawls which you could only find in Newcastle!

Bear in mind that it won’t just be you and your friends who are on a big night out; you’re bound to bump into plenty of stag do parties, and because it’s Newcastle, there’ll be loads of them. So, if you have planned a costume-themed bar crawl, don’t be too surprised if you end up bumping into a group of people with similar, or even the exact same, costumes on! Also consider that there’s a fair few local celebs in Newcastle, and considering the theme of the evening, there’s an excellent chance you’ll meet some stars from Geordie Shore. This is something that really could only happen on a bar crawl in Newcastle, and those lads and lasses will definitely give you some “tips” on how to have a good time on your bar crawl!

One of the ways you can cool down from pubs and clubs is to have a quick refresher in the form of food and drink. In that respect, there are few places more suitable than Greggs for an evening pasty; however, because Newcastle is the spiritual home of Greggs, you’ll be sampling this fine bakery food product in the very place where it originated. In terms of fitting in with the locals and sampling a true nightlife experience in Newcastle, this is a big thing to do, and as we’ve mentioned, it provides a nice break between the bars when you need a few minutes to remember who you are and where you are.

Finally, there’s the sporting aspect. If you’re familiar with Newcastle, then you’ll be familiar with the big football teams in the North-East, not least Newcastle United. It’s pretty common knowledge that Geordies love their football, so if you happen to have a bar crawl on the evening of a footy match, especially a Newcastle match, then you’ll almost certainly meet some of the fans who have just been to St. James’ Park, and particularly if they end up winning the game, this chance meeting is almost guaranteed to have you singing some of the more famous Newcastle chants. Don’t know the words? You will do after meeting the Newcastle fans! These are just some of the more unique elements of a bar crawl in Newcastle and/or aspects of a bar crawl which are enhanced when spending it in Newcastle.

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