Trending Cocktails for Summer 2017

Photo courtesy of mac_ivan(CC Attribution)The summer weather is finally upon us! The temperatures are rising, the shades and sun cream are coming out, and the dresses and shorts are getting - well - shorter. What's more, you can't beat having a nice drink in this beautiful summer weather, and a few cocktails can really make [...]

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What’s your cocktail name?

There are literally hundreds of different cocktail names out there, only a cocktail waiter can be expected to know them all. Well, wouldn't it be fun to stump even him. We've created our very own Cocktail Name Generator so the next time you're at the bar you can ask for something totally unique. Here's how [...]

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The good, the bad and the ugly of cocktails

We all love a cocktail. On a night out, when you’€re down the toon with a bunch of friends sometimes only a sugary, colourful, slightly more expensive drink will do. There are classic cocktails, bright green cocktails and cocktails you’ve made with whatever you’€ve had left in the drinks cabinet. Sometimes they’€re good. Sometimes they’re bad. Sometimes they’€re downright ugly. Here’s our take: […]

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