A list of things you’ll only know about Newcastle if you live here

Photo courtesy of summonedbyfells(CC Attribution)Newcastle is a lively, vibrant city, and many people in the UK flock to it for various reasons, from the nightlife to the football to the culture. It stands to reason, therefore, that as new visitors come to the city, they learn things about Newcastle which they previously did not know. [...]

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List of facts you didn’t know about Newcastle

Photo courtesy of rawdonfox(CC Attribution)Newcastle stands out for so many reasons, and even those who have only occasionally visited the city will know the main facts about the Toon town. However, there are plenty of interesting and unusual facts which you may not know about Newcastle, and some of these are outlined here.For starters, let's [...]

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Exciting Things to Do in Newcastle

Photo courtesy of bigglesmith(CC Attribution)Newcastle is one of the most vibrant, busiest cities in the UK, and as you can imagine, there are plenty of exciting things you can do in the Toon, some of which we have outlined here.To begin with, football is one of the biggest passions that Geordies have, especially when it [...]

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Things you didn’t know about Newcastle

Photo courtesy of Akuppa(CC Attribution)Newcastle is one of the most well-known cities in England and, as such, some of the country's key landmarks exist within the city, such as the Angel Of The North. People are also well aware of the town's high-octane nightlife, as well as our big football clubs. However, there are a [...]

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How Geordie are You? [quiz]

You'll remember last month we published a cocktail name generator, which was lots of fun. Well today we received a similar piece of content from TransPennine Express, they've created a fun quiz called How Geordie Are You?

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