List of things that could only happen on a Newcastle bar crawl

Photo courtesy of mripp(CC Attribution)When you're on a night out, one of the ways that you can make things more exciting (as if they weren't already!) is to go on a bar crawl. Travelling from place to place, going from your typical local boozer to a completely different nightlife experience, all while downing a few [...]

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Things you didn’t know about Newcastle

Photo courtesy of Akuppa(CC Attribution)Newcastle is one of the most well-known cities in England and, as such, some of the country's key landmarks exist within the city, such as the Angel Of The North. People are also well aware of the town's high-octane nightlife, as well as our big football clubs. However, there are a [...]

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How NOT to spend 24 hours in Newcastle

Photo courtesy of anax44(CC ShareALike)So, you're in Newcastle, and you've got 24 hours there to do whatever you want. It's definitely not a bad place to be, and there's plenty that you can do. But let's play devil's advocate for a moment here and ask: what SHOULDN'T you do in Newcastle if you have 24 [...]

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10 Things that always happen on a Night Out in Newcastle

Photo courtesy of orangeaurochs(CC Attribution)A night out in Newcastle is one of the most appealing night out options in the entire UK. Newcastle has a great reputation when it comes to going out on the lash, letting your hair down and just having a brilliant time, even if you may not remember everything about it [...]

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Bar Crawl Themes

Photo courtesy of vic_burton(CC ShareALike)So, you've decided to take you and your mates on a bar crawl, but you don't just wanna go on a normal bar crawl. Ah, no, pet; you wanna liven it up a bit! And a proper boss way to make it interesting is to have a special bar crawl theme. [...]

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2017 Hen Party Trends

Photo courtesy of indigo_girl(CC ShareALike)If you're a blushing bride to be, chances are that you and your friends are currently planning a hen party for you to go wild before the big day. But what different trends are available to make your hen party different, yet special and, above anything, one hell of a fun [...]

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How to live like a celeb in Newcastle

Photo courtesy of Ukenaut(CC ShareALike)Celebrity life is great, isn’t it? The money, the fame, the chance to possibly get a shop closed while you get a paper and a bottle of milk; being a celeb must be brill! […]

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Stag Party Ideas

Photo courtesy of tomasdev(CC Attribution)Coming up with stag do ideas isn’t easy – not if you really want to make it a day or weekend to remember.But there are a few golden rules to stand you in good stead when helping to organize the party and help to make the stag’s experience an unforgettable one. […]

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Top 5 Hen Do Ideas for 2017

Photo courtesy of MsSaraKelly(CC Attribution)Everyone loves a theme for a hen do, but picking your outfits can be really hard – no one wants a ‘been there done that’€ theme do they? When there’s so many different ideas out there, where do you even start? […]

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